EDpuzzle for Interpretive Listening Tasks

I am always wanting to find ways for students to complete interpretive learning tasks. I had heard about EDpuzzle a while back and finally started playing with it about a few months ago and wish I would have used it earlier! I did get to use it with my students though towards the end of the school year. It is a great website/app for students to complete interpretive listening tasks and I love the ease of students being able to access this on their own device and how easy it is to grade!

Click image to take you to this Edpuzzle
Click image to take you to this Edpuzzle

To Get Started:

1) Create a teacher account and create classes. Give the class code to your students and have them create accounts and add the class code. If you are already using Edmodo, they have the option of using their Edmodo username/password to create an account.

2) Create your video task and then add it as an assignment for the class. Students will see it on the app/website and watch the video and answer the questions. It saves their progress along the way so if they need to finish at a later time, they can! So if they start in class and need to finish at home, no problem! Also, they can replay each section as many times as needed before answering the question (I believe you can turn this feature off too if you prefer).

Frida Kahlo
Click on the image to take you to this EDpuzzle

Many times my students complain if they have to download another app so they liked that they could also just go to the website on their phone and it worked.

When you, the teacher, log into your account it is so easy to grade. If multiple choice question, EDpuzzle grades it for you. For the short answer questions simply click the checkmark or x and you can even add a comment. When all finished grading, you can easily export the grades to a spreadsheet and you are ready to enter your grades.

ed puzzle grade open ended questions

edpuzzle overall grade

Also you can search within EDpuzzle to find EDpuzzle activities already created by other teachers and you can copy them to your account and tweak them to your needs!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for EDPuzzle and start creating/copying videos so you can use it with your students this upcoming school year for interpretive tasks and let us know how it goes!

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  1. I, too, am starting to use EDPUZZLE more now. As students are starting to get the idea why we have to listen to tons of different types of comprehensible input, they are a little more intrinsically motivated to listen to these. Granted, the themes have to be aligned with the Program of Studies AND appeal to their general curiosity too.
    Thanks for the little window into your world and how you are using this powerful tool. They promised it would be free for life to those of us early beta testers, right?


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