Students speaking & moving with Quiz Quiz Trade

One of my favorite Kagan Structures is called Quiz Quiz Trade. (The awesome image used in this title is from Emilee)

I find it so easy to put together a quick speaking activity using Quizlet to create some flashcards and/or getting a stack of pictures and typing up some questions and taping to the back of the pictures and then I’m ready for my activity!

Each student receives a card or image w/ question. Students partner up and partner A read their question while showing it, partner B answers (partner A has the answer on the back or just some guiding help if needed). Then partner B shows their question and asks and partner A answers. They switch cards/images and then they go find a new partner. This repeats for however long the teacher desires or you can tell them to talk to 10 people for example.

Here is a Quizlet set I created for a Quiz Quiz trade speaking we did for months/seasons. Simply click to print out, cut out and then give each student a card and you are ready to get them talking and practicing their vocabulary.

I also did it with the alphabet, giving each student a word on one side with a matching picture/the letter on the other side. For example the letter B with a picture of a boat and then on the other side barco. Each student also had a whiteboard with them. Partner A only showed the letter/image and student B would ask ¿Qué es? and student A would answer by saying the word on back. Then student B would ask ¿Cómo se escribe? and student A would spell it out while student B listened and wrote down what they heard on their whiteboard, then they would compare their whiteboard with the answer on the back. Then they change roles. Afterward, switch cards and move to the next partner.

Here are two pictures of another Quiz Quiz trade activity I did last year with my level 2 students.

IMG_5161 IMG_5164I put questions on the back of each piece of artwork with questions like: ¿Qué colores ves? ¿Cómo son las personas? ¿Qué oyes? Some of the students received two pieces of artwork and on the back it told students to compare/contrast the two pieces with at least 1 difference/1 similarity. You can get more information about these art related questions here from an old post I did (scroll down and see the document Higher Order Art Questions that came from my coworker @SrRuiz).

What other ways can you think of using this activity in your class while keeping the students in the target language?


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