Descansos Cerebrales: Juegos de Vasos

I have been slacking on my blogging! It has continued to be a good school year and I hope to get back on to blogging more about what is going on. I wanted to share with you today some quick Brain Breaks I have been doing this past week or so: Juegos de Vasos. Do you use Brain Breaks in your class? They not only build community among the students but also help them have a quick reset.

Buy a pack of the Solo cups and you are set for these Juegos de Vasos. I love that in the video he explains the steps and so the students naturally follow along counting in Spanish and also hear lots of vocabulary like mano, derecha, izquierda, etc. I do just one for the day and will repeat it too as the students like to keep practicing and getting faster.

Also I might have two who think they are the fastest show off their skills to the class and do a little competition of a few pairs and then give a little prize for the winning pair. What is great about these is you can keep the entire Brain Break in the TL.



After students have mastered the paired Juegos de Vasos, step it up with a trio Juego



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