No Prep Pairing Up of Students

I am always wanting to pair/group my students in different ways since we do so many speaking and collaborative activities that I want to spice it up. It also helps them to not always pair with the same person.

Once they are paired, you can reinforce vocabulary, for example if they had to pair by  something similar in their clothes, they share out what is similar. You could also have them have a quick conversation for example asking a question such as “what did you do last week?” They do this first, then you have them move on to what they are working on that day.

  1.  Wearing something similar – someone with boots pairs with someone with boots, flannel shirt with flannel shirt, jacket with jacket, etc.
  2. Wearing a clothing item that is similar color
  3. Count the letters of your first name (or both first and last), then find person with closest number. Example: Daniel = 6 letters
  4. Someone tall pairs with someone short or can pair with someone similar height
  5. Pair with opposite sex
  6. Line ups- have students line up putting themselves in order for example, birthdays from January to December, who traveled the farthest to get to school to who is the closest, who traveled the farthest for vacation to who stayed the closest. Once everyone is lined up, pair them to the person next to them.
  7. Closest address added up. First everyone writes down their address on paper, for example, 2347 Hank Rd. They add the numbers together: 2+3+4+7= 16 find person with closest number as you.


What other types of no prep pairing/grouping strategies do you use?


Image by used under Creative Commons Lisence (CC-BY-SA)


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