Brain Breaks in the TL

As I am getting ready for the workshop Part II: 90% Plus: Staying in the Target Language while Building Community and deciding on which brain breaks to do, I started writing a list to share with teachers. I also recently listened to the Inspired Proficiency podcast Episode on Brain Breaks and during Ashley and Annabelle‘s conversation, Annabelle said to write all your brain breaks on a poster to post in your classroom. I can’t believe I never have done that before! What a great idea! I find myself sometimes going to the same ones so what a great way to quickly choose something different.

Here is a list of Brain Breaks with a brief description along with links to videos (if available) that I have done all in the target language (using lots of modeling and simplified language)! I know I have more, but these are all I can think of right now (hence why I need to create a poster soon). Thanks to Annabelle aka la Maestra Loca for making videos of some of  your brain breaks which I included below for the ones I have done and to Ashley for sharing on one of the podcast episodes the Air Draw game (so fun!).

Click here for a previous blog I wrote about Don Musical’s videos as for Spanish teachers these cup games, hand claps, and table taps are excellent brain breaks. Also, here is another blog post I did where I included a PowerPoint to download with some images to support the Pico Cebolla and Chocolate brain breaks.

Cover Image from: Edmentum




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