Teachers Paid Teachers Store – I don’t have much on here, but I do have a few items that are a hit, including Spanish Conversation Reactions, Starters, and Connectors.

My (Professional) Pinterest Board – I got tired of finding cool authentic resources and not having a way to file it all so I could access it in the future when I actually needed something. I found that Pinterest fixed this problme! I can easily find stuff I saved (pinned) when I actually need it!

Twitter – follow me on Twitter, it is a great way to connect with other educators as well. There are so many great teachers out there sharing their journey and resources.

ProfeHanson website – this is my first website that contains earlier blog posts and presentations. Take a look! My journey began many years ago with grammar driving my lessons (wasn’t that what most of us did?!), then it shifted to AP themes driving my lessons and now proficiency targets help shape my lessons.