Stations Success

So our Spanish 1 team did some stations a few weeks and I am in love! Irene and I met Kara Parker and Megan Smith at the TELL Collab this summer and got some great ideas on logistics on running a good station day. These ladies have great ideas on their website as well! We actually used their idea for a game of cucharas as one of our stations.

We set up 8 stations to help students work on various skills in preparation of their speaking exam and writing exam. We had students stay at each station for 15 minutes. On day 1 they got to about 4 1/2 stations and the second day we did a few more and then they did their speaking exam.

We wanted a station where we sat with the groups of 3-4 students so because of this our instructions were in English as this was also their first time doing stations. In the future once they get the routine down, we can work on getting the instructions in the TL if we feel they could jump right in and get the real task/practice going instead of wasting time deciphering instructions.

Our stations were:

Edpuzzle – Irene created this awesome Edpuzzle where she put together several YouTube videos together. If you haven’t used Edpuzzle yet, check out this post.


Cognados – students learned about cognates, did a quick worksheet to see what these were and then read a book from the reading cart and found cognates in their book(s).


Cucharas – we printed off some flashcards from our Quizlet sets and laminated them. The first person to find two pairs grabbed the first spoon.


Habla con Profe – I got to look at their freewrites they have done in their notebooks, gave one on one feedback on their writing and did some interpersonal speaking with them as a small group where they just randomly asked questions and we responded having a nice group conversation.


Descripciones & El Alfabeto – Students looked at pictures in books and used words they know to describe the images. Then they worked on a worksheet about sounds in Spanish and spelling words out.


Quizlet – Students used laptops to play Space Race and Scatter with the various vocabulary sets.


Actúa, Dibuja, Usa lo que Sabes – A little game we made up where the first round they choose a word and all must act it out, second round they draw a word they get from the pile and last round they use words they know to describe it. We chose vocab that would be be drawn vs. acted out vs described and included a master key so students had a word bank to choose from.


Vocabulario y Preguntas – Christie made a rompecabezas where students had to match each side to form a 8 1/2 x 11 rectangle and then check their answers. They were questions in Spanish with an appropriate answer as the match. Then they grabbed question cards and took turns asking each other the questions.


Stations worked out wonderfully and we especially loved having the feedback station to work one on one with the students and give them some customized feedback on their writing/speaking.

How could you use stations in your class?

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